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Color Poems                                                                          


Orange is a carrot
And the orange I eat
Orange are these bright new socks
I wear upon my feet!


Yellow is a lemon
Yellow is a star
Yellow is the sun
In the sky so far


Red is an apple
Red is a rose
Red is the color of
My frozen, icy nose!


Purple is a grape
Purple is a plum
Purple is my favorite juice
Shall I get you some?


Green is the grass
Under both my feet
And green is the broccoli
My mother makes me eat!


Black is the night
And a witch's hat
Black is my Mom's hair
And that witch's cat!

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More Green

Green are the branches
Budding in the sun
And green are many vegetables
Can you tell us some?

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Blue is the ocean
Blue are my eyes
Blue is the sky where
The lonely eagle flies.


Brown is the mud
Brown is the bear
Brown is the color
Of my brother's hair.


       I'm Learning All My Colors

I'm learning all my colors,
      I'm really very smart.
      I put the colors in my head,
      I know them all by heart.

      I'm spelling all my numbers,
      It's easy as can be.
      And if I spell them all for you...
      Then you'll be smart like me!

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All rights reserved

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