Our Refund Policy 

Digital Resources

Due to the nature of downloadable materials (E-Books) there are no refunds on our digital resources. 
Therefore, we encourage our prospective customers to preview and use all of our FREE samples
in order to decide if the resource is suitable.
Check all our E-Books and download sample songs and poems here.

We have provided more than 125 Free samples of our songs and poems on our Web Site and we are
confident that our prospective customers have the ability to download, preview, print and use our 
Again, we encourage prospective customers to do so before ordering.

Please contact us prior to ordering and follow the directions with regards to the ordering procedure.

Have a question? 
We're always on-line and happy to respond...Please contact us.
Again, if you require some help prior to ordering, please get in touch with us.
All inquiries are answered promptly.

Do you need to check our resources again? Yes
Do you need to check our E-Resources again? Yes
Do you need more information? Yes
Do you want to see the Order Form? Yes

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