Speech Editing Services...

Have you written a Wedding Speech? 
Need help?

Most people simply do not know where to start and are unsure of what to 
include in a Wedding Speech or Wedding Toast. 
And, let's face it, most people need help with grammar, spelling, expression 
and organization of ideas and details when they have written something. 
Sound familiar?
That's where we come in.

Here's the solution:

  • Just send us your speech as an MS Word attached file, 
    or within the text of an e-mail message.

Before you hire us, we will:

  • review your speech and provide a written proposal and 
    overview of revisions 
  • provide you with the cost for editing services (costs vary - see below)

When you hire us, we provide:

  • editing of speech for spelling, grammar, word expression, redundancy
  • editing of speech while maintaining your ideas, thoughts and still
    conveying your "message" as much as possible
  • editing of speech with respect to organization of ideas and details 
    in order to make the speech effective 
  • editing of speech with intended audience in mind, determining the appropriateness of humor 
  • editing of speech so that it follows wedding protocol
  • suggestions for changes and alternate word expressions 
  • inclusion of appropriate humor (if required) 
  • complete revision, re-write and fine-tuning of your speech
  • notes within the speech specific to the delivery of your speech 
    (where to look, what words and phrases need emphasis etc
  • speech delivery tips  

Costs for editing services:

Costs vary depending on the amount of editing that is required.
For most speeches, the cost is approximately $90.00, but can
vary from $50 - $125

"Every speech and toast I edit is carefully reviewed and receives 
the same attention I give to every Personalized Wedding Speech 
that I write.
Are we different? Yes. Is what we do exceptional? Definitely!"