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Secure Credit Card Orders:

PayPal offers secure Credit Card capabilities for Songs 4 Teachers customers. 
Our prices are in US funds
PayPal information.

To order and pay by Credit Card using PayPal, please do the following:

1. Send us an e-mail, letting us know what you would like to order. 
Include your mailing address.

2. We will send you an E-mail Confirmation Message, confirming your order, 
your shipping address and advising of the total cost.
This is helpful since some of our resources are E-Books for which no shipping is charged.  
Using the Songs 4 Teachers E-mail Confirmation system prior to making a PayPal payment means
that correct shipping charges are attributed and you have the opportunity to ask questions. 
We are here 7 days a week.
All customers, including international customers, will know the exact shipping costs prior to 
paying through PayPal. Check shipping costs.

3. The Songs 4 Teachers E-mail Confirmation message you receive will contain the
following link to the Songs 4 Teachers 
(O'Flynn Consulting)
PayPal payment page:
You will be able to use that link to make your payment. Try it out now.

*In the "Payment for" section on the PayPal Payment page, please enter the names
of the items you are ordering 
(i.e. Songs 4 Teachers Bundle, All About School E-Book, E-Collection CD etc)

*In the "Amount" section on the PayPal Payment page, please enter the confirmed
 total that we sent you in the E-Mail Confirmation Message you received.
That's it! Either "Sign Up" with PayPal if you are not a member or "Login" if you are
already registered. 

4. When your payment has been received by PayPal, you will receive a confirmation
and so will Songs 4 Teachers.

5. Your order will be shipped by AIR MAIL within 24 hours of receipt of payment.. 
PDF materials (E-Books) will be delivered to you immediately via e-mail. 

6. If you have any questions about using PayPal to order from Songs 4 Teachers 
(O'Flynn Consulting)
, please Contact Us.

Shipping Costs:

All USA and international orders are shipped by AIR MAIL as soon as confirmation is 
received from PayPal.

Shipping - to Canadian destinations ~ Book - $2.95 ~ Bundled Book & CD - $3.25 ~ 
KidTunes CD - $2.75 (these amounts are in US funds)
Shipping to US destinations (Air Mail) ~ Book - $6.50 ~ Book & CD - $6.95 ~ KidTunes CD $5.25 
Shipping to all other destinations will be confirmed in the E-Mail Confirmation Message you will receive 
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Here is what Songs 4 Teachers has to say about PayPal:

* PayPal is a reputable company acting as a "middleperson" to facilitate secure, on-line business 
transactions. PayPal is an E-Bay Company.

* PayPal offers services to users in 37 countries including the United States and Canada. 
There are over 12 million registered users and more than 2.2 million business accounts. 
An average of 18,000 PayPal accounts are added per day.

* Using Paypal is FREE to you as a purchaser, allowing you to use a Credit Card to order.

* Paypal is safe, secure, and has an outstanding record in e-Commerce.

* Songs 4 Teachers (O'Flynn Consulting, not you) will pay a fee to Paypal for each transaction 

* You need to register for a free PayPal membership to use the services.

* USA Today says: "Paypal is an elegant system for making and receiving secure, instantaneous 
payments through Internet  e-mail. And it's free."

* Wall Street's Goldman Sachs Group Inc. recently invested $23 million in during its 
second round of venture financing. Its first round came from Nokia Corp.

* Esquire says: "PayPal lets anyone with an e-mail account send money to anyone else with an 
e-mail account. The service signals an enormous shift in the way we will be using money in the 
near future."

*  Use PayPal to quickly and easily order our materials on-line, have your order confirmed by our
Songs 4 Teachers staff prior to paying and look forward to having your order shipped immediately. 

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To learn more about PayPal's safe and secure services or to register, visit their website at:

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