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Good evening ladies and gentlemen – for those of you who do not know me, my name is Chris Simpson and I am Stu’s Best Man.


I was truly honored when Stu asked me to be his Best Man and that he thought enough of our friendship to include me in this special day –

Or, I was truly honored when Stu and Char asked me to be the Best Man at their wedding and that they thought enough of our friendship to include me in this special day –

although I MUST admit .... one of the BEST MAN’S duties ... 
(or, I almost considered declining)

But, sanity prevailed, and here I am…


Many of you will appreciate the fact that Stu is truly a “man of few words”…what you probably don’t know is that Stu has been like that since Kindergarten – where he was a "boy of few words".
I tried to remember the details of how we met and I am actually at a loss to figure that out because Stu never said two words…I’ve simply come to believe that whatever he said to me was probably spoken on the playground and it must have made an impact – we’ve been friends ever since.
Once you are Stu’s friend, I’m happy to say, it’s for life.


In closing, I have a bit of advice for you, Stu…
Since I am still single, I asked some of my married friends to help me with this...they actually jumped at the chance, I'm afraid to say...

And, Oh, yes, by the way...


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