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Bride Wedding Speech or Toast

Good Evening…or Good Evening Everyone  
(or any suitable greeting you may wish to use, Trish)

On behalf of Steven and myself I would like to thank you all for joining us today as we celebrate our marriage. 
I know that some of you have traveled many miles to be here – thank you. We are honored to have you with us.

(or, Steven and I sincerely appreciate what you have done.)
(or, Steven and I sincerely appreciate your efforts

As I look around me, I am reminded of the importance of family and friends… Steven and I are truly blessed in having all of you with us today to share in this joyous occasion – to witness our union and the coming together of our two families…
thank you all for your support and your love

(or, thank you all for your friendship and your support)

(or, thank you all for your friendship and your love)


I do believe that in many ways Steven and I have been moving towards each other all of our lives – we simply took a rather circuitous route
(or, indirect route)

You see, Steven and I have actually known each other since 8th Grade

I had just moved from California and we attended the same school…
There was definitely something going on between us – after all, we did date each other for three full weeks – to this day, I’m not exactly sure what that dating actually consisted of – 8th Grade seems like a lifetime ago now…
And, I’m certain that our children would agree that 8th Grade DEFINITELY WAS a lifetime ago!


I know that I have been blessed in the fact that our paths have been brought together once again…

(Look towards Steven,Trish) 
Steven, you are a strong, gentle presence in my life – always reaching for my hand, providing me with support in so many ways...


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