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Our FREE Speech review will help you determine if you need additional assistance with editing or minor revisions.
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Editing services are reasonable and start at approximately $50. But, if your speech only requires minor revisions, the cost will be less. Guaranteed!

"Every speech and toast I review receives the same attention I give to every Personalized Wedding Speech that I write. When I review your speech, if it's
great the way it is, I'll tell you. Honest! I love what I do and this is simply a free service I offer."

Just starting your speech? Check resources below.

Wedding Speech Resources - Plan on writing your speech yourself? Here's what you need to check out.

Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, MC...  
Whatever your role, you will need help writing your speech. Guaranteed!

If you decide to write your Wedding Speech yourself, you can start here.
Take it from us, these resources are exactly what you need. Download the wedding speeches immediately.
Get started right away! If you write your speech and need help, we can edit your speech.
Or, better yet, maybe you'll decide to let us write your speech for you!
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Best Man Wedding Speech Insight  
Everything You Need to Write Your Speech
25 Speeches, Templates, Openers, Closers
Toasts, Wedding Quotes, One Liners and more

Are you the MC at a wedding? The Wedding MC Jokebook is a must.

Being a Wedding MC is a huge responsibility. You may need to introduce the head table 
and people who are saying a few words, read messages from people not in attendance 
announce the cutting of the cake and throwing of the bouquet and garter, among other things. 
But, most of all, you will need to keep the evening moving along while adding a bit of 
humor into your delivery.
And, chances are, you're NOT a stand up comedian. So, now what?

The most important thing is to choose the right jokes. The Wedding MC Jokebook will save you!
The Wedding MC Jokebook is jam packed with 101 clean, tasteful, funny Wedding MC Jokes, 
one-liners, and quotations you can use throughout the wedding kick it into 
high gear and have the wedding guests laughing their heads off. Honest! We've read it.
Plus: Wedding MC Checklist, Wedding MC Planning Guide and More.