Personalized Wedding Speeches and Wedding Toasts - a much needed new concept in speech writing

TORONTO, CANADA - Anyone who is required to prepare and deliver a toast or speech at a wedding is in luck. Finally, there is a service providing customized speech writing for weddings, wedding rehearsals, engagements, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties - in fact, for any occasion related to weddings. And at a reasonable cost.

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Mary Flynn is a former school teacher with a B.A. in English. She has been writing wedding toasts and wedding speeches for more than eight years and with hundreds of satisfied customers she has proven that she knows the ins and outs of wedding protocol.

"That's where most people have some difficulty", said Flynn, who converses with a customer 7-10 times during the writing process. "People simply do not know where to start and what should be included in a speech. Most people are grateful to have some help since they realize the importance of delivering a speech that is heartfelt, humorous and in good taste. Not everyone can write, but I do believe that most people know what they would like to say. I just help with how to say it."

Flynn believes that she offers something that other speech writing services don't. "There is no form into which you insert details," explains Flynn. After conversing initially by e-mail, she uses a customized questionnaire to obtain details. From that point, she corresponds by e-mail or often by phone to verify facts. Her goal is to assure each customer 100% personal attention. "I am committed to providing a quality wedding speech and to helping the customer overcome anxiety in delivering it. I make revisions until the person is comfortable with the material. If a person needs to talk by phone, then that's what happens"

Flynn acknowledges that while ready-to-go speeches serve a purpose, most people she hears from are "rather desperate". "They want to tell their story, outline their requirements and need to know that someone is actually listening. Often a customer needs to talk to a live person before deciding to order a custom-written speech, I'm always happy to talk to people personally." 
Many  of the speeches and toasts Flynn writes need special consideration in addressing sensitive issues such as divorces, second marriages and family difficulties, to name a few. "Things like this simply can't be addressed in ready-to-go speeches and those details and specifics are difficult to convey in a form type method of gathering details used by some speech writing services. I've written many speeches for people who downloaded the ready-to-go speeches only to discover they weren't as "ready-to-go" as promised. The selecting suitable parargrahs, editing, cutting and pasting together material was just the beginning of the nightmare. I've written speeches for customers who just gave up trying to make the templates work."

Flynn guarantees personal service from start to finish and adds that many of her customers e-mail her after the wedding to let her know how their speech was received.
Their satisfaction and sense of pride are what motivate Mary Flynn.

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