Like most people, you are probably not comfortable delivering a speech or a toast of any kind. It is not something that you do often, and yet it is so important when called upon to do so, that you convey a message that is heartfelt and follows protocol in being appropriate for the occasion. 
A Wedding Speech or Wedding Toast to the couple will be remembered long after the day...we will help ensure that yours is memorable. 

We believe that many people simply do not know where to start and are unsure of what should be included in a Wedding Speech or Wedding Toast. Most people are grateful to have some help, since they realize the importance of delivering a speech that is sincere, includes some "lighter moments" and is in good taste. 
Not everyone has the ability or desire to convey thoughts and sentiments in writing.

We believe that most people do know what they would like to say in a Wedding Speech or Wedding Toast. We provide help with how to say it.

We understand that many people have sensitive issues that need to be addressed and taken into consideration during preparations for a wedding. (divorces, re-marriages, both sets of parents in attendance, strained relationships etc.). 
Rest assured, we do know how to approach all situations in a dignified manner and understand how important it is for you to honor your role and follow certain protocol at the wedding.
Your speech will be written with your needs in mind.  

We believe that our Personalized Wedding Speech and Toast Writing Service offers something that other speech writing services don't - personal attention.
You converse directly with Mary Flynn, your speechwriter. There is no form into which you insert details and information. 

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"Each situation is unique and I always converse with customers to ensure that I fully understand the needs. I know that I can help anyone deliver a speech which he or she is proud to deliver."