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Most great Wedding Speeches have been written for the person speaking? It's true!

According to Modern Bride Magazine in an article entitled "Don't Burn Your Toast", 
Gary Drevitch writes: 
"Toastmasters wants to remind you that a toast is a speech, and so it should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and make sense throughout." 

Wedding Speech Must Have Resources If You Decide To Write Your Own Speech!

Wedding Toast and Speech Writing and Delivery Tips

  • A Speech or Toast only needs to be from 3-5 minutes in length. 
    With wedding toasts and speeches, even a short speech or toast will do if delivered sincerely. 
    Speeches of approximately 4-5 minutes are usual for weddings.

  • Depending on the nature of your speech, start with a personal reflection or anecdote. 
    How the bride and groom met is always a favorite. Do your homework, get the information.
    You can also use humor or a quote to get the speech or toast started.

  • If you're the MC, you definitely need help to keep things moving along. There are a lot of 
    responsibilities. The Wedding MC Jokebook will keep you on track and yes, you may be
    called upon to present a speech or toast of some sort.

  • Humor should be used in good taste. Stories must be appropriate for the audience.
    Ask someone to check your speech for unintentional double meanings and for appropriate humor.

  • Speak in your normal voice. Try to become familiar with the place in which you will speak and practice using the microphone if possible.

  • Write your speech on index cards. They are less distracting than a piece of paper. Make sure to number the cards.

  • Practice your speech until you can deliver it with ease and until you are looking forward to delivering it! 
    It is never a good idea to speak without any preparation. We've all been at weddings and witnessed that unfortunate moment!

  • Practice as many times as necessary to get the phrasing, the pauses and the timing exactly right. It has been said that every minute of the speech requires practicing for an hour. So, for a four minute speech, four hours of practicing is not excessive.
    Practice saying it in front of a friend - an excellent way to overcome your fears.

  • Look around the room at the audience and to the bride and groom as you speak. Eye contact is an important characteristic of a good speaker.

  • And finally, finish your speech with a wish, blessing, congratulations, or cheers.

    DO NOT:
  • Have more than one drink to calm nerves beforehand. Too much alcohol will prevent you from speaking clearly and will hinder your good judgment.

  • Apologize for being a bad speaker. Rather, assume that your audience is fortunate to have been in attendance to hear your speech. 

  • Mention anything that is potentially embarrassing to the bride and groom or to either family. References to past relationships, marriages and indiscretions are better left to the bachelor and bachelorette parties and are inappropriate at a wedding. Consider the audience.

The audience is on your side - and most of them are eternally grateful it is you up there and not them.


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